Do you know that the disability community has missed some opportunities given to them by the government? This was revealed at a Radio Program on Vision FM 92.5, Kaduna. The topic of discussion was “Corporate Social Responsibilities and the Inclusive Education Agenda”


4 males are at Vision FM, 92.5 FM discussing Corporate Social Responsibilities and the Inclusive Education Agenda in Kaduna State

Mr. Sola Olusegun, a Development Journalist working with The Sun Newspaper described inclusive education as a process of education that accommodates children with disabilities and children without disabilities in one classroom in respective of their challenges. 

He mentioned that Inclusive Education is relatively new in the media space. He also stated that part of the Media’s Corporate Social Responsibilities is to lead public awareness/ campaigns that include ongoing human stories and mentioned that inclusive education for persons with disabilities is among the stories journalists want to champion. 

He mentioned that priority attention should be given to teachers and lecturers who have basic knowledge and understanding of inclusive education. He also spoke on the non-availability of comprehensive Data on the disability community.

He also made reference to how the disability community missed opportunities given to them by the previous government when there was a clear specification for them to present graduates for employment and the disability community was not able to meet the requirement.

There is also a poor transition process for children with disabilities from primary to secondary, and to tertiary level.

Mr. Sola informed the public that continuous public awareness and engagement with the government on Inclusive Education has begun to yield results as some of the recent infrastructures are now disability-compliant. He also says that inclusive education is important and necessary considering the high population of children with disabilities and the few special centres which are unable to accommodate all of them. 

Mr. Sola also advised the State Government to train teachers and lecturers on how to handle students with disabilities and include this as part of the criteria for recruiting new teachers/lecturers with basic knowledge of how to teach and handle students with disabilities.


4 males at Vision FM 92.5 FM Kaduna State pose for a photo session at the end of the show

The SCALE Program Officer, Smith, said that the reason for bringing such stakeholders on board is to ensure deliberate actions and steps that will support inclusive education for persons with disabilities. He also stated that inclusive education is a right and not a privilege.

Mr. Emmanuel Adikpe, CEO of IHIFIX FOUNDATION, a representative of the private sector said that Inclusive Education goes beyond scholarship. It involves providing the required tools and resources that enable students with disabilities to learn effectively and succeed among their peers without any challenge.

Mr. Emmanuel further explained that creating special classes for children with disabilities affects them in the future, making it difficult to mingle with peers in society even after their graduation. He also advised the government to explore other types of learning rather than focusing more on the cognitive learning process. He further explained that planning for the disability community without them is not for them and so the government should ensure effective participation of the Disability Community in the process of institutionalizing inclusive education in Kaduna State.

He also encouraged the private sector to draw a map/plan of how many students each private sector can give scholarships to in a quarter or year and how many institutions they will help in providing assistive devices, logistics and other items to support inclusive education projects.

The purpose of targeting the Media and the Private Sector is to strengthen their capacity and knowledge to effectively perform their duties and responsibilities in championing inclusive education projects in Kaduna State.

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