. Capacity to Mobilize Resourceful Professionals JONAPWD, through its strong link and an extensive network with professionals of diversified disciplines, can mobilize as many trainers as required. One of JONAPWD’s guiding principles in ensuring quality of trainings is adherence to the global and national curriculum for disability inclusion and standardization. With this regard we are committed to identify trainers who are nationally accepted as disability inclusion experts and partner organizations working on the rights of persons with disabilities across their diversities. JONAPWD has a much-facilitated way of accepting and head-hunting proficient trainers in different thematic areas/programs. Financial Structure and Operations JONAPWD's finances are guided by financial management policy. Organization’s compliance with financial and legal requirement helps determine where and what areas need to be strengthened and to assess whether the (prospective) partner has the capacity to manage the envisaged volume of funds. The financial section managed by Finance staff s with suitable financial qualifications. Where none are available, this could also be outsourced to a financial consultant (auditor). Bank reconciliation and cash count are carried out on timely notes and petty cash procedures are adequately adhered to. The books of accounts are fully kept due verified by organizational governance.
Facilities/Offices JONAPWD has a professional working environment at its National Secretariat in Abuja. It is conveniently located in the business district of the city where many stakeholders and partners are also located. The regional liaison contacts of JONAPWD located in Northeast, Northwest, Northcentral, Southeast, Southwest and South-south provide closer technical and administrative support to projects and programs JONAPWD implements. Those regional offices are led by Zonal Coordinators who liaise with respective State leads and local authorities, who oversee high standard and efficient provision of JONAPWD’s mandates.

Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities Founded and led by experts in technical and advocacy supports, JONAPWD teams and its associate members have had immense contribution and technical input to the national endeavors on disability inclusion in Nigeria.

JONAPWD has very diversified team member staff working with different capacities including on technical and administrative leadership, finance, operation and conference/training assistants and other administrative works. JONAPWD has the biggest and most diversified pool of trainers and consultants who have official working relationship with relevant stakeholders in the disability communities.

JONAPWD has organized its human resource into organizational structure that enables efficient delivery of its mandates across the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Their contributions include range of activities such as development of national guidelines and curriculums, capacity building, program support, mentorship, network expansion, coalition building, quality improvement, institutional strategic development, program design monitoring and evaluation, research and development, representation in the national task forces and technical working groups as well as international conferences.