The state Coordinator of JONAPWD plays the role of overseeing program implementation at the state level. The state Coordinator ensures quality program schemes in the state and implementation in accordance with the policies and donor standards. Our state chapter supervises program implementation and staff for state-based implementation. The State Coordinator also serves as the program’s liaison with key stakeholders, including state officials of the OPDs/ CSOs. JONAPWD State chapter ensures the state program is implemented according to approved work plans, meets scheduled deliverables, and realizes stated goals.

Roles and Responsibilities of a State Coordinator

  •  JONAPWD state chairman will coordinate and ensure effective running of the state chapter
  • JONAPWD state chairman will collect and collate institutional, financial, programmatic reports and dues and forward the agreed percentage to the National office every quarter.
  • JONAPWD state chairman will resolve all disputes in the State and refer those not resolved to the National Committee through the Chief Whip
  • JONAPWD state chairman will coordinate all State and local government elections in the Zone in collaboration with the National Electoral Committee or its representatives.
  • JONAPWD state chairman will represent the interest of their State equitably during National meetings           
  • JONAPWD state chairman will coordinate monitoring and evaluation activities in their State
  • JONAPWD state chairman will Coordinate Clusters representatives
  • JONAPWD state chairman will participate in the State Coordinators’ forum
  • The State can replicate any of the committees at the National level
  • JONAPWD state chairman will facilitate all national activities and request


 NAME                                STATE          

  • Mr.  OnyebuchI                             Enugu JONAPWD Chairmanmr
  • Stephen OluwaFemi                    Osun  JONAPWD Chairman
  • Dr. Ebowo Michael                       Ogun JONAPWD Chairman
  • Bakinde Olaosebikan                   Ekiti Chairman 
  • Mr Femi Ajulo                               Oyo  JONAPWD Chairman
  • Dr. Adebayo                                   Lagos  JONAPWD Chairman
  • Solomon                                         Kogi  JONAPWD Chairman
  • Amb. I U Aliyu                                Niger JONAPWD Chairman
  • Suleiman Azeez                            Kaduna JONAPWD Chairman
  • Anshe Bartholomew                    Benue JONAPWD Chairman/ North Central PWDs APC Leader
  • Haruna Moh’d Pelel                       Sokoto  JONAPWD Chairman
  • Innocent Ladan                              Nasarawa JONAPWD chairman 2
  • Engr .Musa Shags                          Kano JONAPWD chairman
  • Shindol Anron Adams                    Plateau JONAPWD chairman
  • SANNI SABO                                    Adamawa JONAPWD chairman
  • Ugochukwu Okeke                          Anambra JONAPWD chairman

 NAME                                STATE

  • Hon. Livinus                                     Cross river JONAPWD chairman
  • Hon. Incubent                                  Rivers JONAPWD Chairman
  • Iroabuchi Alozie                              Abia  JONAPWD chairman
  • Hon . Uzoma                                    Imo JONAPWD chairman
  • Mr Chieme .F. Odumegwu             Ebonyi JONAPWD chairman
  • Hon. Daddy Wisdom                      Abia JONAPWD Chairman/ JONAPWD SOUTH EAST COORDINATOR
  • Barr. Bulugbe Joseph                    JONAPWD Southwest Coordinator
  • Ewa Emmanuel                               Ondo  JONAPWD chairman
  • Anietie Jackson                              Akwa Ibom  JONAPWD chairman
  • Amb. I U Aliyu                                  Niger JONAPWD chairman
  • Mohammad Usman                       Jigawa JONAPWD chairman
  • Usman Bura                                    Yobe  JONAPWD chairman
  • Mr Balla                                           North central Deaf JONAPWD North Central Coord